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ShaanMei Group undertook the fifth Exhibition of Chinese International Coal Cleanness and efficient utilization

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From Nov. 21 to 23, sponsored by Chinese Coal Industry Association, undertaken by Chinese Coal Processing and Utilization Association and ShaanMei Group, the fifth exhibition of Chinese International Coal Cleanness and efficient utilization was held in Xi’an Qujiang International Convention Center. ShangJianxuan, member of ShaanMei Group Party Committee, vice-manager of ShaanMei Group, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech.

On the morning of Nov. 21, after the opening ceremony, XieKechang,  academician of CAE(the Chinese Academy of Engineering), the former vice president of CAE(the Chinese Academy of Engineering), LiangJiaKun, chairman of the Technical Committee of International Coal Exploitation Commission, vice-chairman, secretary and secretary-general of the party committee of Chinese Coal Industry Association, accompanied by ShangJianxuan, visited the exhibition area of ShaanMei Group. ShangJianxuan introduced ShaanMei Group’s scientific achievements and industrialized status on coal green mining, intelligent coal construction, coal processing and utilization, coal-based polygeneration, fine chemicals, new energy resources and new materials in recent years. The guests all thought highly of ShaanMei Group’s development strategies of “Coal basement, energy and material co-development, technology and energy double driving, and transformation”, they highly affirmed ShaanMei Group’s achievements in both scientific research and industrialization.

A convention on 2018 Chinese coal cleanness and efficient utilization was held during the exhibition, six special forums, such as academician forum, were also held during the exhibition. Academicians (CAE,the Chinese Academy of Engineering) XieKechang, LiuZhongmin, JinYong, Wangshuangming, GuoJinlie of CAS(Chinese Academy of Sciences), foreign academician Liu-Ke, who is from Australian national Academy of Engineering made speeches on the forums. ShangJianxuan made a speech on “the grading utilization of coal and industrial development”, MinXiaojian, dean of ShaanMei Technological Research Institute, host the industrial(carbocoal) development forum of low-rank coal efficient utilization.

The exhibition focused on the demonstration of new technologies, new equipments, new products of the fields on coal cleaner production, modern coal chemical industry. There are 235 companies of both domestic and abroad involved in the exhibition that come from the US, Russia, Australia, in the fields of related scientific research institutions and international institutions. During the exhibition, ShaanMei Group displayed its current achievements on the coal cleanness and efficient utilization of technological research, industrialization, and diversified development in the form of pictures and words. (LuoWanjiang  WangYi)

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